YWAM Taiwan

YWAM Taiwan is a multicultural and interdenominational Christian missionary organization. The vision and goal of our ministry is to (1) Be rooted in the local community (2) Evangelize (3) Disciple (4) Send into frontier missions (5) Engage in community service/mercy ministries (6) Establish international relationships and connections.

In 1982, the first YWAM (volunteer) outreach team was invited to come to Taiwan by Pastor Peng's Chong Zhen Church in Taipei, to do short term service projects and evangelism. The following year, that same outreach team, feeling a burden for the needs of the Taiwanese as well as the Lord's call on their lives, returned to Taiwan, this time as a pioneering team, and founded YWAM Taiwan.

Beginning in 1985, in association with YWAM international, they started running YWAM's training courses, such as the Discipleship Training School (DTS), School of Biblical Studies (SBS), etc. training young believers to join in missionary work. In addition, with the help of YWAM International, they set up more (volunteer) outreach teams to come to Taiwan, serving alongside other Taiwanese Christian organizations, churches, schools. They worked together in Taiwan's large cities and villages, aboriginal tribes and outlying islands, hospitals, prisons, asylums, and orphanages, taking the gospel and the love of Christ in action to every area in need.

At the same time, in response to a universal evangelistic call, apart from their own ministry in Taiwan, YWAM also encouraged Taiwanese Christians and internationals to work together through different types of training and set up outreach teams to go broad from Taiwan. Starting in 1989, through YWAM International's network, we began sending teams to different countries, areas, and ethnic groups, including: Liuqiu, Macao, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, China, Mongolia, Russia, Cambodia, Poland, Spain, South Africa, various Central Asian countries, Papua New Guinea, serving the different local religions, cultures, age groups, communities and overseas Chinese.

Apart from this, YWAM Taiwan also began to diversify as other ministries were established. In 1991, King's Kids International (KKI) was established, a ministry whose aim is to train, equip and raise up children, young people and families to together share the gospel. In 2006, the Taipei Family Resource Center (FRC) was established. Then in 2007, the Frontier Missions Center was established, whose focus is to be a support to missionaries serving in East Asia and East Asian closed countries, through sending missionaries, short term outreach teams, training long term workers, church planting, community development, networking, and missionary member care, enabling God's love to spread to these different places.

Through God's grace and blessing, the Zhong Li YWAM base was founded in 1985, followed by Tao Yuan in 1990, Dan Shui and Kaoxiung in 1996, Taichung in 2013, Taitung in 2014 and Changhua in 2016. In 2001 YWAM applied to be registered as a nationally recognized organization, so that through serving in each area of society it would be able to continue to share the good news.