Our staff

Our staff come from all over the world. Apart from Taiwan, they also come from Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, America, Canada, England, The Netherlands, Germany, Finland, South Africa, Australia, Tonga, etc. Because of all these different cultures, traditions and experiences, it has made YWAM Taiwan feel like one large global family. Everyone seeks to accept and learn from one another, as well as respect and immerse themselves in the local culture, sharing the love of Jesus through their own lives as well as the ministries in which they are able to participate.

Currently, most of our staff first came to Taiwan to receive training and equipping, and after receiving a clearer calling and vision, applied to become full-time staff. We also have YWAM International staff members who, after participating in ministry teams, were willing to commit themselves to long-term ministry in Taiwan.

We welcome you to come to Taiwan and join any of our training programs and become one of our staff! If you have already received YWAM training in Taiwan or elsewhere, we also want to warmly welcome you to join with us in serving Taiwan together.

As a staff member you can learn:
• Biblical leadership
• Team building
• Evangelism
• Discipleship
• Communication strategy
• Conflict resolution
• Practical skills
• Project management
• Language study
• Budgeting and financial management
• How to use your giftings
• Other (waiting for you to come and find out!...)