National Office

YWAM Taiwan's National Office serves as a platform for the gospel with the purpose of establishing connections and relationships between YWAM bases and teams both within Taiwan and without, as well as connecting with local Taiwanese churches and organizations as a unified body.

In 1997, as YWAM bases and teams were being established in the north, south and center of the island, and the local ministries with churches and organizations continued to grow, the National Office was started as a way to provide an avenue for collecting resources in order to promote ministries better.

The National Office's Main Ministries/Services:

• To introduce and promote YWAM Taiwan's ministries
• Establish partnerships with churches or organizations to work together in local ministries
• Communicate and announce policies made by the National Leadership Team (NLT) and YWAM International.
• Management and operations for YWAM Taiwan
• Organize the Board of Directors Meeting, General Assembly Meeting, etc.
• Write the annual ministry reports
• Hold the National Staff Conference
• Member care for staff serving in Taiwan
• Collect and organize documents covering the year's internal and external information
• Integrate resources