The Rock Coffee Bar in Dan Shui

"For free coffee and drinks, we welcome you to come to The Rock Coffee Bar." Starting two decades ago, this familiar phrase is still called out by missionaries at the Dan Shui MRT Station and the bustling street of Ying Zhuan Road, welcoming people to come and know Jesus and experience the love of God.

The Rock Coffee Bar, located on Ying Zhuan Road in New Taipei City’s Dan Shui District, was the first ministry God lead YWAM missionaries to begin in 1996. Over the past 20 years, starting with virtually nothing but a vision from God, the Lord has faithfully provided every step of the way. Today, the ministry has developed so much that a variety of language classes are offered, as well as art, music and Bible study classes. And more than that, many of those who come to the Rock are residents of Dan Shui, students, people of all ages, and even many foreign students who come to Dan Shui to study at the university.

From its beginning, until 2014, The Rock Coffee Bar has already had more than 15,000 people come through its doors, either to take classes or simply come and practice language. The Rock Coffee Bar gives people the opportunity to come interact, learn, and meet Jesus, and in the end, have their lives changed.

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