Kaohsiung Ministry

Although the Kaohsiung ministry is a small team of YWAM Taiwan, we are still faithful to do what we are called to do, and we have a vision called, "Gospel Advance." We want to use the gospel of Jesus to reach out to people, wherever they may be. To this end we use a multimedia strategy.

In addition to house-to-house distribution of the New Testament (including Psalms and Proverbs), we also give the Jesus Film to those who want to visually understand the life of Jesus. However, in our lifetime, we may never be able to send gospel materials to every family in Taiwan, and so are in need of more people as well as more financial support.

Another important part of Gospel Advance is reaching out to people on the streets and other various places. We perform in churches, schools, restaurants, parks, streets, and even temples. Once after a performance in a temple, the village leader told us: "Every time this temple has a performance, only very few people come to watch; now you have come, and there are more than 100 people watching!!" Praise the Lord!! The Taiwanese want to hear the good news.

The third part of Gospel Advance is small group discipleship. Every Friday there is a Bible study small group at our home, and while it is impossible to train every student to become a pastor, we can still teach them how to share the good news with others. Gradually, some of our members have also begun to form new small groups.

Although we are a small team, we are willing to respond to any call to serve, and we also hope that more people will respond to the mission of YWAM: To know God and make him known. Because He has called us, all the hard work is worth it.

For more information about the Kaohsiung Ministry, please write to:ywam.kaohsiung@gmail.com