Taoyuan Ministry

Caleb Abernathy's Graduation

Taoyuan Prison Ministry

God calls us to go to those who are hurt and in need of comfort and help. Many years ago, we were given the opportunity to serve in a prison together with the Rehabilitation Fellowship, and today, two or three times per week, we continue to go to the Taipei and Taoyuan Prisons, bringing hope and love to the inmates. Over the past year we have witnessed a great revival among the inmates. We have seen a gradual change in many of their attitudes, behavior and speech, and even many have been willing to turn and give their lives into Jesus' hands, and we have witnessed their lives changed for the better.

Caleb Abernathy's Graduation

Taoyuan Team Xtreme Ministry

Team Xtreme Ministry uses their physical skills to show how in real life struggles, it is only through God, who is full of hope and power, that we can overcome. We bend steel bars, stack two or three phone books and tear them in half, take a baseball bat that has never been used and break it in two... and so on, our team has many skills like this that we perform, showing our strength, and we are often asked: Is this some kind of trick or magic? In response to these questions, we immediately let them see that we are genuine, and that the source of our strength comes from a combination of our personal training, and God’s power working together to accomplish these feats. For example, when we minister in prisons, we share that the steel bars represent the walls we build in our own lives. Every choice we make is like putting ourselves in a cage made of steel bars, and there is no way we can rely on ourselves to break out of the cage, it is only God who is able to free us from the cages built by our bad decisions, and lead us into a new life with Him.

Caleb Abernathy's Graduation

Island to Island

Most of our team members come from the South Pacific Islands. They come to Taiwan as missionaries, bringing their unique and beautiful culture. God has revealed to us that every culture can be restored to glorify the name of God. We hope to connect the joyful and diverse South Pacific Islands to the beautiful island of Formosa, and let the Han, Hakka, Atayal, Amis and other indigenous peoples of Taiwan be able to see and take pride in the beautiful culture that God has given them.