Christian Surfers Taiwan

Christian Surfers Taiwan is a YWAM ministry partnering with Christian Surfers International. Taiwan has an estimated 15,000-25,000 surfers and a growing surf culture. It may soon become the second largest surfing community in Asia, next to Japan. Currently there are no specific ministries reaching out to this sub-culture. So the Lord has put it on our heart to go be a light, preach the gospel and make disciples in this community.

Mission statement:

To be a Christian Presence and Witness in the Taiwan Surfing Community.


1. To present the gospel of Jesus Christ in an understandable form to the surfing sub-culture.
2. To provide an alternative to the regular surfing scene; which can often be misleading.
3. To see Christian surfers connected into a Christian community that would encourage spiritual growth, discipleship, and fellowship.

How we achieve this:

These aims are primarily achieved through evangelistic activities and having a local Christian Surfers Club: The club provides spiritual growth for participants through fellowship with other Christians, bible studies or mentoring by club leaders. We also have activities such as home parties, surf trips and surf coaching.