Mercy Ministry

Started:Aug , 1998

An outreach team from Hawaii came to Dan Shui Taiwan and started mercy ministries here.

The goal:To win the trust of the Taiwanese elderly, to lead them to know the King of Kings Jesus, let the elderly adore Jesus and become the intercessors for missionaries.

History:An outreach team of 10 from Hawaii arrived in Dan Shui. They had a desire to serve the elderly in the Convalescent Homes . God opened the door; through one of the local YWAM staff , we were able to enter Si-Yuan Convalescent Home . During this 1 month , some elderly chose to accept Jesus. After starting to work in the Convalescent Homes we now also involve the training courses in serving the elderly as a weekly outreach. In the past 8 years, there are over one hundred elderly who have accepted Jesus as their personal savior. They have experienced a changed life, with a joyful and hopeful attitude to face their lives.

The mercy ministry is expanding here because of God’s love and mercy. There are 3 Convalescent Homes we are reaching out to and serving at regularly.